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Rapid Power Boxes

Turbo Power Box

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Battery Type
  • Built in a 50 Caliber leakproof ammo box
  • The ammo box has a sealed compartment on top of the lid where you can store fish lures, alligator clips, small tools, or phone chargers
  • You can get the box prewired for your batteries to install yourself (see battery pictures with the tape measure to verify if your batteries will fit in the box), or you can opt for two 9 amp-hour AGM batteries (18 aH total).  We currently aren't selling this box with Ionic Lithium Batteries but is available by request.
  • Battery charger is included when you buy batteries 
  • Contains two USB sockets for a total of 4 USB ports to charge phones, tablets, drones, glow cups, etc.  (USB-C by request - no upcharge)
  • Contains a 10 AMP cigarette outlet to run a car inverter to power TVs, wifi routers, laptops, etc
  • 2 IP-68 Rated LED lights
  • Banana clips are installed where you can charge your batteries or run alligator clips to fish finders, sonars, shack lights, etc.
  • 2-year warranty for AGM batteries and a 3-Year warranty for Ionic Lithium batteries
  • 2-year box warranty

List of Batteries that fit the box if you buy the Turbo Box Pre-Wired:

  • Ionic 9 aH Battery
  • 7,8, and 9 aH SLA Battery
  • 6, 12, and 19 aH Amped Outdoor Batteries
  • 7 and 10 aH Dakota Lithium Batteries 
  • 7.5 and 15 aH Norsk Lithium Batteries

There are other brands of batteries so if you don't see your exact battery listed, contact us via webchat, email us at, or call/ text (605) 423-1299

Please allow 1-4 days for build time. 

If you have a battery that doesn't fit, we can specially wire it up to accommodate your battery.

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