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Rapid Power Boxes

DIY Original Power Box Kit

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  • This kit comes with all the internal parts to complete your own power box
  • Switches, USB socket, Cigarette outlet, voltmeter, banana jacks, IP-68 rated lights, fuse holder, and fuses. 
  • The pre-cut box is included
  • Wiring is to be completed by you!
  • If you need help with wiring, please feel free to contact us

List of Batteries that fit the box if you buy the Box with Kit:

  • 9 and 12 aH Ionic Lithium Batteries
  • 7,8, and 9 aH SLA Battery
  • 6, 12, 19, 20, and 32 aH Amped Outdoor Batteries
  • 7, 10, and 18 aH Dakota Lithium Batteries 
  • 7.5, 15, and 20.8 aH Norsk Lithium Batteries

There are other brands of batteries so if you don't see your exact battery listed, contact us via webchat, email us at, or call/ text (605) 423-1299 to verify your battery fitment. 

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